What are the effects of Blue Light on the eyes and how to save eyes from it?

The blue light is present around us everywhere as it is emitted by everything. Digital devices such as phones, LED, computers, laptops, and others emit blue light that can be dangerous for the eyes. Here are certain effects of blue light on the eyes of humans:

  • On Cornea

The front end of the human eyeball is called the cornea. The cornea is the first part of the human eye that experiences blue light. The blue light entering the cornea decreases the survival rate of cornea epithelial cells.

  • On Retina

The retina is responsible for forming the formation of vision. The retina is the main cause that results in eye blindness. The blue light when passes through the retina result in photochemical damages of the retina.

  • On the lens

The human eyes can suffer cataracts and the opacity of the lens is a major reason for it. The eye lens is a combination of protein metabolites, enzymes, and proteins and all of them together absorb the blue light. When the effect of blue light on the lens is constant, the absorption capacity of the lens decreases. Cataracts can happen due to exposed sunlight as well so one should be careful about that too.

One can save all the parts of the eyes from the blue light by wearing blue light glasses. The glasses save the exposure from the blue light and here are certain advantages to it:

  • The blue light glasses help in decreasing the work-related stress. The stress usually occurs due to not getting enough sleep. Every human should get 7-8 hours of sleep daily for the normal functioning of the human body. Less sleep ultimately leads to a negative effect on brain functioning, forgetfulness, depression, headaches, and many more. The technologies we rely on for increasing our productivity eventually emits blue light and decreases the secretion of melatonin resulting in disruption of sleep.
  • The blue light glasses will not only improve the sleep cycle but also improves the concentration power of one.
  • The glasses help in improving the performance of one in the tasks and as a result the productivity of one increase.
  • The blue light glasses block the exposure of eyes to the blue light and help one in keeping the eyes healthy.
  • The glasses are very beneficial for a person who has to constantly sit in front of a computer or laptop screen for work. The longer exposure to the screen can result in eye strain and headache. One should try to maintain the health of the eyes by wearing blue light glasses especially while using digital devices.
  • There is no disadvantage of wearing blue light glasses so one can just wear them if one likes wearing glasses.

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