Looking For a Great Morning Juicer Recipe?

If a person wants to wake up to a great glass of juice each day for breakfast, they have to start with fresh ingredients.  Plus, they need a good juicing machine.

Most importantly, they need to have a great morning juicer recipe.  

A Real Eye Opener

If a person thinks that cucumbers and spinach might go together with ginger, you might like this concoction.  Otherwise, if those flavors don’t sound delicious together, then get ready for the real morning eye-opener. This one will get you dressed and out the door in a jiffy.

Cut into small pieces and blend these ingredients in the slow juicer:  small cucumber (leave the skin on), a handful of spinach, a small bunch of celery, 1 peeled lime, 1 peeled lemon, and 1 inch of peeled fresh ginger.  Juice till smooth.  Awake now?

Fun With Citrus

Many juice lovers believe that juice should only come from citrus.  They probably grew up on orange juice and just can’t get past it.  Here is a morning juicer recipe for citrus lovers: Take half of a pomegranate and cut it up into small pieces.  Remove the seeds before putting them in the juicer.  Peel one orange, cut it up into pieces and put it into the juicer. Measure out a half cup of pineapple, cut up, and put into juice.  Now you have a citrus lover’s delight.

A Chinese Twist 

Chinese white cabbage, also known as bok choy, makes an interesting Asian twist on the morning wake-up juice.  It tastes a little bit like spinach but has a nice crunch when eaten raw.  To put a Chinese twist on the morning juice, try this:  1/3 cup of bok choy leaves, ¼ cup banana, and 1/2 orange. Peel the orange and cut it up into small pieces.  Put everything in the juicer and enjoy the different taste.

Morning Zinger

If a person isn’t fond of citrus, but still wants a strong morning juice, here’s one with very low acid and two flavors that combine to make a beautiful-looking juice in a person’s morning juice glass.

Take two small beets and trim and chop them.  Take two apples and quarter them. Don’t peel the apples. Chop up 2 carrots. Don’t peel the carrots either. Take two lemons, peel them, take out the seeds and cut into small pieces.  Combine in the juicer. Then take a moment to look at how pretty this juice is.

Kale Anyone?

Seems like kale shows up everywhere these days.  A diner can’t hardly get out of a restaurant anymore with being offered kale in several different dishes.  If you like kale, here’s a morning juice that contains the popular morning glass of apple and orange juice, plus some kale.

Take one large kale leaf and chop it into pieces.  Add a cup of fresh spinach chopped up.  Add one green apple, seeded and quartered, but not peeled.  Take one lemon, peeled and seeded.  Finally, add two peeled and cut up oranges.

 This juice has enough citrus for the citrus lovers, plus some kale for the kale lovers.

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