Surgical penile implants: Interesting Facts

Let’s start our conversation with the most crucial erectile dysfunction (ED) truth that you should be aware of: At some point in their lives, more than half of men experience ED, and the issue tends to get worse as people age. The fact that there are numerous efficient treatments for ED, including surgical penile implants, is the second most crucial thing to take into account.

Men naturally have early concerns about procedures like penile implants, and the best way to dispel baseless notions is to remain knowledgeable. However, selecting a qualified urologist Brooklyn new york that you can rely on is equally crucial when it comes to these treatments.

Here are three fascinating things to think about to help you understand why penile implants are so well-liked both here at our practice and elsewhere.

1. Being a silent partner

The fact that there is little to worry about in terms of your sex life once the implant has been placed is one of the biggest advantages of an internal penile implant. Your internal penile implant is always prepared when you are, in contrast, to spot therapies like pills or injections. You can achieve and maintain an erection that hides the presence of the implant with just a few pumps or bends of your penis. Never again will you consider getting ED!

2. All your problems can be solved

A penile implant that is placed inside has the added advantage of being able to address multiple issues simultaneously. The implant does not alter your sensation or your capacity for an orgasm, to start. In fact, even if you reach orgasm immediately, your implant can keep your erection strong enough for you to enjoy the sensation for as long as you desire.

Many men claim that they’re even able to experience a second orgasm during the same session while also attending to their partner’s desires, which is a blessing for them because it increases their sexual endurance.

3. It’s like your penis, but better

The size of your penis in its normal flaccid state may decrease if you’ve undergone prostate surgery or if you have a condition like Peyronie’s disease. In addition to helping your penis develop into an erection, an internal penile implant also assists your flaccid penis to be reshaped. You can enhance the appearance of your flaccid penis with a penile implant by extending and broadening it.

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