Stairlifts – Examining the Stairs & How We Use It

If you live in a home that has more than one level, tackling the stairs every day can become a real challenge. As we age, going up and down the stairs becomes a chore and something most of us don’t relish. If you’ve moved your bedroom downstairs because the stairs is no longer an option, there are ways to recover the top level of your home. Let’s look at how we use the stairs and how we can make them safer.

Accessing the Bedroom

In a two-storey home, our bedrooms are generally located on the top floor. This means we have to use the stairs daily from the moment we get up to the time we head off to bed. Stairlift Banbury experts like to talk to customers about their stair usage to find out whether a stairlift would be a better option. When you’ve reduced mobility due to age or an injury, going up and down the stairs every day is not something you want to do.

Physical Condition

How do you tackle the stairs? Does it take a long time to go from the bottom to the top or can it be done with relative ease? If your stairs have become a burden, there are ways to eliminate the problem, but first, you should consider your physical condition. Climbing the stairs is a good workout for older adults once they feel confident using them. If they still have good balance and have no issues gripping the rails, the stairs shouldn’t pose a big problem.

If you notice any of these issues, you should consider installing a stairlift.

  • Balance problems
  • Struggling to breath
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Difficulty gripping the handrail

If you get breathless, continually need to gather your strength, or feel pain and discomfort, you must act now.

Installing a Stairlift

Fitting a stairlift takes a lot of stress off your shoulders. You no longer have to worry about falling or slipping on the stairs and carrying items from one level to another becomes a whole lot easier. You’ll be able to glide up and down in safety and comfort.

Why move your bedroom downstairs and neglect the upper floor because you can’t use the stairs? A modern stairlift can be installed within a day giving you the freedom to move from the ground to upstairs without worrying about the bit in between. With the touch of a switch, your stairlift will take you from A to B without any issues.

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