Specialist Dermatologists at Skin Clinics Bundoora

If you are looking for high quality skin care and treatment, then choose any of the skin clinics in Bundoora that deliver peerless specialist medical care. They commit to quality deeply through professionalism and personalized care. They care for all members of the community from children to the elderly and all skin types whether white or colored. They work in close partnership with a network of allied health professionals such as dermatologists, GPs, and pathologists.

This close relationship extends amongst all the premiere hospitals and academic units across Bundoora. They invest heavily in people, skills, facilities, and the latest skin care equipment for the clinic. Most of the dermatologists practicing in these skin clinics are devoted to highest level of specialist training, travelling around Australia and beyond, to attain the relevant knowledge and skill set.

Skin Wellness Clinics

To have excess body hair or hair in undesirable places can be damaging to a person’s self-confidence. Public appearances can turn into an embarrassing affair! Do something different this year by changing the focus on yourself when everyone is busy in their own respective lives.

Who knows how to do a better job when it comes to laser hair removal? Trust the qualified team of experts at skin clinic Bundoora to help you remove the unwanted hair in the shortest time possible. With a customized treatment plan for men and women, you can conveniently obtain the beauty and the confidence of smooth hair free skin with ease.

Skin Care Services available at Bundoora Skin Clinics

  1. Laser hair removal ensures no more ingrown hair and no razor burns. This form of hair reduction technique is cost effective and simple.
  2. You can smoothen, rehydrate, protect, and renew your skin with the skin renewal programs that will make the patient look younger and fresher immediately.
  3. To restore circulatory problems and improve lymphatic drainage, skin wellness can be opted for, along with reducing stress levels.

Who is a Dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a qualified medical specialist in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin diseases and skin cancers. They treat patients at the skin clinics of all ages from babies, children to adolescents and adults. The patient can get a referral from his skin doctor to claim the Medicare rebate in Australia. You can make a request for it before the consultation. The validity of the referral lasts 12 months unless specified otherwise

The Bundoora Skin Family

The skin clinics in Bundoora provide caring advice and treatment for skin, hair, and nail related conditions. These clinics offer services such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell, melanoma, and assessment of moles. Skin care conditions like eczema, acne, hair loss, psoriasis and vulval conditions are also treated at the skin care clinics. For eczema and psoriasis conditions, phototherapy with narrowband UVB and foot and hand PUVA are also available at the skin clinics. Skin cancers are also treated with surgical and non-surgical management procedures at these clinics. All the skin doctors practicing at the Skin Clinic Bundoora are qualified with a valid degree and decades of experience in the cosmetic industry.

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