Signs That Your Testosterone Level Is Low

Testosterone is a naturally producing hormone present in both men and women. While men have this hormone in greater amounts than women, it is important for both the genders’ bodily functions. Normal levels of testosterone are crucial in men because it is directly linked to puberty, mood, and sex drive. Both excess and lack of this hormone can cause imbalances in the body. 

When testosterone levels are low, men experience a range of symptoms. Since many of these symptoms are subtle, it is difficult to notice them. Learning about them can help you catch them better. You can also speak to a Telemedicine Doctor and get your condition assessed. 

Signs that your testosterone level is low 

  • Decreased libido. 

Low testosterone levels can greatly affect your libido or sexual desire. While it is normal and common for sex drive to decrease with age, reduced testosterone levels can significantly lower your desire to engage in sexual intercourse. Age can affect your libido only a little bit, but the testosterone factor is very apparent. If you suddenly start noticing a significant change in your sexual desires, consult a doctor immediately. 

  • Reduced muscle mass. 

Testosterone levels in the body play a significant role in the development of muscle mass. When this hormone starts lowering, you may also notice your muscle mass becoming lower. However, it is noteworthy that the strength and function of the muscles do not diminish with the mass. 

  • Difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection. 

Normal testosterone level in your body is crucial for your sex life. This is because this hormone helps you develop as well as maintain an erection for a satisfying sexual experience. You may also experience spontaneous erections at random times, such as during sleep. Testosterone replacement therapy can fix this problem. 

  • Low semen output. 

Some men do not experience difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection but notice a lower semen output. Testosterone plays a major role in how much semen your body produces. If this hormone decreases, your semen volume may decline over time. 

  • Reduced bone mass. 

This might not be a widely known fact, but testosterone helps produce bone tissue and maintain bone mass. Low hormone levels can reduce bone volume and make you more vulnerable to fractures. If you start experiencing fractures more often, along with other signs, it could indicate low testosterone levels. 

  • Decrease in energy levels. 

You might experience low energy levels and feel lazy or too tired to do anything. This may happen even after you have slept for an adequate number of hours and taken complete rest. You might even develop a complete disinterest in exercise or movement. 

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