Retainer Replacement – Signs to Look Out For

Crooked teeth are a major problem that is faced by a lot of people today. After getting the crooked tooth fixed, people forget to do aftercare like timely retainer replacement, maintaining dental hygiene, and smile maintenance. Failing to take care of your retainers will aggravate the crooked tooth issue, which will result in cavities, gingivitis, and decay. Retainers are not built to last forever, so they need timely replacement as they break down quite often.

After orthodontic treatment, you are fixed with a retainer to help perfect your smile. Here are some signs to look out for to tell you that it is time for your retainer replacement.

  • Cracks in the Retainer

Retainers are made of wires, plastic, or sometimes both. After one year, the retainer tends to break down, and you need to examine it closely to notice cracks in the material. If this is not fixed, the cracks will widen, and eventually, it will lose its structural strength to keep your teeth aligned. This is when you need to order a retainer replacement; otherwise, you will lose the time and money you invested in getting the perfect smile.

  • Loose Retainer

This is another sign that you need to replace your retainer. Over a period of time, the retainer wears down and becomes wide, making it unfit for your teeth. A loose retainer will not hold your teeth’ alignment, and your teeth will eventually go back to their old position, and you will lose your investment. Replacing a Retainer is more manageable than going through the process again.

  • Warped Retainer

A retainer can get warped if you use unconventional methods to clean it, like using hot water to clean or putting the retainer in a washing machine. New age retainers come with their own set of disadvantages, and that includes warping, and when the retainer warped, it is time to get a replacement. A word of advice – wear your retainer often; otherwise, it is going to hurt when you put it after an extended period.

  • Calcium Build up

Even with the most diligent care, over a while, retainers have calcium build-up. The problem with calcium build-up is that it can discourage you from wearing it, and this is a problem because retainers need to be worn for a more extended period of time to have a positive effect on your crooked teeth. Retainer Replacement is the way to go, and this can be done by simply booking an appointment with your dental hygienist.

  • Losing your Retainer

Well, this does not need any further explanation. When you lose your retainer, make sure you get a replacement as soon as possible otherwise, you are going to lose the investment you have made on your teeth.


With career transitions, house shifting, physical exercise, and even normal day-to-day activities, you will go through several retainer losses and replacements. There are even clear retainers available so that your retainers are discrete and hidden from the public eye. A Retainer is the best replacement for braces – it is more convenient, simple, and affordable.

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