Lice: How To Get Rid Of Them?

To get rid of lice, it is essential to follow local treatment. You can ask your pharmacist for advice. Additional hygiene measures are necessary. If you are unsure if it is head lice or treatment has failed, consult your doctor.

Anti-Lice And Itching Treatment

The itching can last several days after the anti-lice treatment: this does not necessarily mean it has not worked. If you or your child experience side effects, talk to your pharmacist.

Monitoring After Head Lice Treatment

At the end of the treatment, check your child’s hair regularly to ensure that the lice and nits have disappeared. Once rid of his lice treated by LiceDoctors for instance and cured, your child can be contaminated again because he is not immune like after a viral illness.

In babies, it is better to use a lice comb

Products may be toxic to babies. Better to use the so-called “bug-busting” method. This method involves combing wet hair with a detangler or oil (like olive oil) with a louse comb every day for two weeks.

Additional measures in case of head lice

The lice comb

In addition to the use of an anti-lice product from Lice Treatment dallas for instance, the use of an anti-lice comb is recommended.

Prefer a metal comb with fine, tight teeth rather than flimsy plastic combs. Comb carefully and for a long time for 30 minutes wet and detangled hair, 3 times and 2 times a day, going from the scalp to the end of the hair. This treatment can be extended for 3 weeks. Between each passage of the comb, clean it on a disposable paper. Used alone, the lice comb is only effective in 50 % of cases.

Watch Out For Clothes And Objects Infested With Lice

Wash pillowcases as well as hats, scarves, and other clothing in contact with the scalp or neck in the washing machine at a temperature above 50 °C. Items that cannot be washed at this temperature, such as combs or brushes, can be soaked in an insecticide solution for 5-10 minutes. Then wait 3 days before using them again.

Fragile clothes can be:

Placed in a closed plastic bag for three days;

Or they are disinfected with an insecticidal anti-lice powder (except in pregnant women) or an aerosol. Take care to read the product instructions carefully and follow the instructions for use.

When To Consult In Case Of Lice?

You should consult your doctor or your child’s pediatrician:

  • If you are not sure if it is indeed head lice
  • If the affected person has extensive lesions of impetigo. Only the doctor can confirm the diagnosis and prescribe the most appropriate treatment
  • if the head lice are still present despite two well-conducted treatments
  • if you have a body or pubic lice

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