How Much Time Do I Have to See a Doctor After an Auto Accident?

An auto accident can be frightening. If you sustain a life-threatening or serious injury in an auto accident, you will be treated immediately by a doctor. Other injuries may not be as urgent. If there isn’t an immediate injury, it might be tempting to delay seeing a doctor. Here’s why this is a bad idea.

Waiting can make things worse

Accident injuries do not always show up immediately. Sometimes it takes a while for “fine” and “not fine” to change. By then, there may be more damage. Consult a doctor immediately, even if your pain is mild or not at all.

Accident injuries don’t always show up right away because our bodies release adrenaline and endorphins from the accident, which can increase energy and reduce pain. These chemicals can help to cover any soft tissue or other injuries you might have suffered from car accidents.

Waiting for things to get serious enough to warrant a doctor visit is not a good idea. You might alter your gait to compensate for a minor knee injury. This could lead to further damage and/or exacerbating issues in other parts of the body. The injury may get worse if it isn’t treated. It is important to seek treatment as soon as possible so that injuries don’t worsen.

Timing has an impact on medical billing

Personal Injury Insurance (PIP) also requires that an insured be seen within 14 calendar days of the date of the accident to receive initial treatment. If you wait more than two weeks to see a doctor, your PIP coverage will not cover your medical costs. This is a major concern for anyone who has been involved in an auto accident. If you delay, your PIP benefits can be lost. This can lead to a significant financial loss.

You should also seek out a doctor who is familiar with how to process your PIP claim. Because they are not equipped to bill your insurance properly, your regular doctor may refuse to see anyone after an accident. Specialists in auto accident injuries are a better choice because they specialize in treating the types of injuries you may sustain in an accident.

Do not delay medical care

Do not hesitate to seek medical attention if you have been in an auto accident. You could lose your PIP coverage, become a financial burden, and cause more health problems later on. Early treatment is key to avoiding ongoing problems and full recovery. It also helps you keep your ducks in order when it comes to insurance billing.

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