Five Reasons to Make Time for Working Out Even If You Are Too Busy

If your schedule is too packed to squeeze in a trip to the gym, you don’t have to forget about exercise altogether. You can always get your workout in during your lunch break.

Below is a list of effective workout routines that you can complete in less than 30 minutes, so they are perfect for those days when you need to squeeze in a workout during your lunch hour.

Five Ways to Get a Quick Workout In During Your Lunch Break

  1. The 30-Minute HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Circuit

If you haven’t heard of HIIT training before, you’ve probably been living under a rock! It’s one of the most popular workout routines because it is an efficient way to get in shape fast. This type of training can be done with just about any exercise, but it’s best used for cardio.

  1. The All-Around Cardio Workout

Okay, if you are looking for a routine that will get your heart rate up while also toning your body, this is the workout routine for you! It targets both your upper and lower body and your core, which is the foundation of your whole body.

This is a great way to burn calories, especially if you are looking to boost your fitness in Pattanakarn (known as ฟิตเนส พัฒนาการ in Thai). After completing this routine two or three times, you will feel it in your legs, butt, and stomach!

  1. The Yoga Workout

Don’t worry; we aren’t asking you to engage in an entire hour-long yoga session to get a good workout in during your lunch break. But, if you can spare 15 minutes to stretch and relax, we suggest trying out a simple yoga routine instead of hitting the vending machine for that quick snack you were craving earlier!

  1. The Boxing Workout

If you love boxing but don’t have the time to head to the gym, all you need is a little bit of space and this quick workout routine to get your daily boxing fix in. It can be used as a cardio routine or as a weight-lifting routine, depending on the intensity!

  1. The Full-Body Workout Routine

You don’t have to spend an hour working out to see results. If you get the most out of your workout during your lunch break, then why not get a full-body workout? This routine targets all parts of your body but will require some equipment such as dumbbells or resistance bands.

These five routines are just a few ways that you can get a workout in during your lunch break!

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