Everything You Should Know About Activated Charcoal and Skin Care

 The one thing people use daily to maintain their hygiene is soap. Normally people don’t think more while buying them. Generally, they tend to select the soap that is visible to their eyes or the ones that are on shelves without even thinking twice.

These days people started making their own soaps and the main and interesting ingredient that can be used in soap making is activated charcoal. There are so many articles and news on how to use activated charcoal for soap. There are many uses for using this special product in soaps.

What is Activated Charcoal

A material that is high in carbon is processed at very high temperatures and is activated with steam or hot air making it activated charcoal.

Because of this process, charcoal will be able to absorb many types of liquids and gases as there will be an increase in the material’s surface area and pores.

How activated charcoal is different from regular charcoal

The charcoal people use to light barbeque is called regular charcoal and this is different from activated charcoal. Regular charcoal will not go through the process that activated charcoal goes through. This will come from wood and coal and hence can be used as fuel.

Activated Charcoal for skincare

Few companies all over the world believe that using activated charcoal:

  • removes dirt and impurities from the skin’s pores.
  • Clear acne from skin irrespective of skin type.
  • Helps to detox skin.

Activated charcoal soap benefits

There are many benefits to using activated charcoal for soap irrespective of skin type.

  • Activated charcoal absorbs excess oil from the skin and makes skin fresh.
  • Activated charcoal soap helps in getting rid of dark spots caused by skin and dead skin.
  • Activated charcoal soap slows down premature aging and discoloration.
  • Activated charcoal soap not only removes excess oil from the skin but also provides necessary moisture acting as a natural skin moisturizer.

Is Charcoal soap good for the skin?

People tend to hesitate before buying charcoal soap because of the black colour. But it easily washes away and makes your skin feel smooth and glowing.

Along with charcoal, other natural ingredients will be added to the soap for further added benefits.

Some of the natural ingredients added in the charcoal soap are:

  1. Argan oil
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Lavender essential oil
  5. Tea tree oil
  6. Avocado Oil

Adding these essential oils while preparing activated charcoal soap helps people’s skin in tremendous ways. These oils moisturize skin, protect from sunburns.

Each oil or ingredient added to the soap adds an advantage to the skin and makes it more suitable for particular skin types and skin conditions.


Many people find it helpful to use activated charcoal for soap these days for so many reasons. With the ability to access the internet easily people can find ways to prepare soaps from home. There are many sites to follow a few simple steps and prepare soaps that can help us fight acne and many other problems.

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