Easy Upstairs Access with a Stairlift

If you are getting on in years and your mobility is not what it once was, installing a stairlift allows you to retain your independence and make full use of your home. If you regularly have to stop for a break when climbing the stairs, this is a sign that you need a stairlift in your home.

Buy or rent

Those wishing to acquire a mobility stairlift in Kettering can choose between purchase or rental; either way, a technician comes to your home and takes the measurements required to fabricate the stairlift offsite. Once a price is agreed, the supplier gives you an installation date and the unit is fitted by a team of technicians, then they show you how to operate the stairlift and should you ever have any issues, a call will send a technician to your home.

Safety features

Each stairlift has several safety features, which are demonstrated on installation and the battery is automatically recharged by the mains. It is easy to use the stairlift with a handy remote and the unit can support up to 120kg.

Free consultation

If you make an online enquiry, the staff would arrange a convenient date for a technician to visit you at home. It isn’t possible to give a quote over the phone, the site needs to be inspected and the stairlift is designed around the staircase, with a slimline track and foldable chair.

If you would like to learn more about stairlifts, search online for a local supplier and ask them to send a technician to your home.

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