All You Need To Know About Your Therapy Exams

Many have decided to become a therapist to help people with emotional, psychological, and mental issues. In contrast, some others decided to become therapists because they enjoy talking, listening, and interacting with people based on their personal experiences. So if you’re aspiring to become a professional therapist, some important steps must be taken to achieve this. You cannot just wake up one pleasant day and call yourself a professional therapist because you love therapy or because you love to help people with your skills. There is usually a certification to ascertain that an individual is a professional in a particular field like any other profession. In the medical sector, a dentist, for example, specializes in the anatomic structure and healthy management of the teeth. Before they could be regarded as dentists, specific examinations would have been written to attain that level. The same applies to therapy, as examinations must be cleared for an aspiring therapist to be fully recognized as a professional. Let us look at some of the important things you need to know about therapy exams and certifications.

The NPTE (National Physical Therapy Exam)

“What is NPTE?” This is a question you might probably be asking yourself right now but let us get an overview of NPTE. NPTE is an examination conducted by FSBPT( Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy). FSBPT is the governing body that oversees the activities of the NPTE. The NPTE is an exam for therapists to gain their licenses. It is an examination that you must be looking to ace if truly you wish to gain an authorized license as a physical therapist or assistant to a physical therapist in the USA. However, there is no reason you should begin to relent as The National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) is only a part of the whole procedure of the FSBPT. Other authorities that issue licenses are used in evaluating an individual or therapist to see if they are worthy of being granted a license.

Where Can I Take The NPTE?

According to recent developments , the National physical therapy exam is an online exam that can be taken on your personal computer. A proctor usually monitors the exam to ensure legitimacy. The NPTE exam contains 250 questions to be answered under the allotted time of  5 hours. Also, it is a multi-choice examination. If you need extra help preparing for your NPTE exam, you should conduct thorough research.

How To Register For The NPTE

Before you can secure registration for the NPTE exam, you have to create an FSBPT profile. Remember we said something about FSBPT being the governing body of the NPTE. Additionally, before registering on the FSBPT platform, you have to pay a registration fee. After the registration has been completed, you can now move to the NPTE platform and take your exam.


How Often Is NPTE Conducted

The exam is usually conducted four times a year in January, April, July, and October. So you should take note of which month is best convenient for you. Knowing the specific months when the exam takes place is very advantageous as it would help you choose and prepare well before the exam day.

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