Advantages of Using Behavioral Health Beds

A behavioral health bed is a kind of electric bed that has been designed along with the help of behavioral health clinicians to provide comfort and convenience for behavioral health patients. These beds are designed to have a user-friendly experience as well as have a variety of care settings that can be used on different patients with different needs. So why is it recommendable that patients use a behavioral health beds ? The following are some of the benefits they are set to enjoy as well as the advantages.

Security Enhancements

Compared to the normal beds, behavioral health beds have a few security enhancements that make them ideal for taking care of patients. For starters, they have a 7.5” deck low that is very important in protecting patients and avoiding any falling accidents. Secondly, they have tamper-resistant, encased wiring and security screws that also protect the patient. Another excellent security feature of the behavioral health bed is the quick release power cord that is ideal for whenever you need to disconnect the bed from electricity. This feature comes in handy on the rare occasion that the bed malfunctions, and cutting the electricity supply is the only way to stop it.

Restraint Slots

These behavioral health beds can be customized with over twelve restraint slots that make it easy for whenever the patient needs to be restrained. There is also the optional bed exit alarm if physical restraints are not warranted.

Footboard Lockout Controls

With electric beds, it is very easy for someone to accidentally flip a switch and change the bed controls. Some patients may even try playing around with the controls and hurt themselves either intentionally or unintentionally. For that reason, it is important that the caregivers be able to lock the controls so that only them would be able to change the settings as they wish to. This is why behavioral health beds come with lockout control where the caregiver can simply lock the control panel with a key, and only the person with the key can be able to change the controls. Also, the lockout control has an easy to read indicator light that indicates whether the bed is locked or unlocked.

Ligature Resistant 

The behavioral health beds are also ligature resistant which means they don’t have any points where a rope or some form of cord can be looped or tied to create a point of attachment that one can use to harm themselves.

Trend & Reverse Positioning

Another nice feature of the behavioral health bed is the trend and reverse positioning setting. This makes it easy for the attending doctor to change the way the patient is lying if they want to administer a certain procedure. The setting is also well defined and can quickly be accessed, thus reducing the amount of time taken in the event of an emergency.

Behavioral health beds have many advantages and are definitely worth taking on if you’re dealing with patients of behavioral health.

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